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Software for the systems developer, coder, and similar souls

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This series of software and trading support tools is intended fro the advanced systems developer, code developer,and those technically-minded traders who are not satisfied with an “off-the-shelf” packed sulution. If you want to develop your own enhancements to Drummond Methods, this is the place to start.

DG2 Plot IconDG2 “Plot” software

This is a fully-featured and fully-flexible package for the serious technical trader. It gives the trader full control over the 235 DG lines in the dll database, from all timeframes. In addition to the existing DG lines, there are many new DG concepts now available for the first time: R-vals, RSP, WIE, WT, flow, trend, dot-push, dot-opening, 5/9 zones components, blues components, refresh band components, zone 1-6 components, volume, open interest, Mother Goose components, etc. Plot also includes also a separate program “Plot DI” that permits the fully accurate plotting of daily-on-intraday DG lines.

DG2 SetUp IconDG2 “Set-ups” software

This program will let the trader run complex, multi-layered, multi-time period set-ups that identify high potential DG structural conditions.. For example, the trader could automatically monitor the market for situations such as this: “Show me when the monthly envelope top is located in the weekly nearby resistance zone, and at the same time the daily high was greater than the top of the daily nearby resistance, and the daily high was also near the monthly envelope top.”

DG2 Develop IconDG2 Developer’s API software

For those Drummond Geometry traders who are accomplished programmers, we now offer support for your efforts through a specialized software API package. This software gives you great flexibility and perfect control, and is integrated with EL and other programming languages. It features a complete DG2 engine with the possibility of calling over 445 different Drummond functions in each of eight timeframes — over 3500 total calls. Timeframes range from the shortest intraday tick and time increments up to yearly levels.

DG2 Wizard IconDG2 TickWizard software

Our new “TickWizard” tool is a nifty utility that can make many charting problems in TradeStation a lot easier. TickWizard will let you transfer any Easy Language value or any Drummond Geometry DG2c value from any chart (time or tick) to any other chart (time or tick). You can, for example, take a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly Drummond Geometry or Easy Language value from one chart and place it on a 2000 tick chart. Or a value from a 2000 tick chart or hourly chart and place it on a daily chart, all with full accuracy.

DG2 Auto-Trading Systems

After some years of research and software development we are pleased to offer automated systems trading for those traders who wish to be involved with the high returns of the futures markets but who do not have the time or inclination to trade during the day. At present we have developed signal set-up scanners for the main futures, forex and stock markets. Each scanner stands on its own however we do not recommend trading individual system as it is far preferable to trade a portfolio of three to ten complementary systems. This portfolio approach has been demonstrated to increase profits, reduce drawdown, and lessen risk.

Software Support, Technical Consulting, and Coding

We offer on-going consulting relationships with systems developers and traders who want individualized programming support using the Drummond API, set_ups software, and other systems tools.