DG Professional Training Overview

What is the right education program for me ?

Drummond Geometry has a graduated series of training programs designed to take you from a trader with no background in the methodology to a skilled expert as easily as your time and ambition permits. Click on any of the links below for detailed enrollment information.

“Drummond Geometry in One Lesson”

Quick-Start/Kick-Start! The shortest and surest way to understand the basics of Drummond Geometry.

This fast-paced and highly compressed course covers all the essentials in about two and a half hours. Enrollment makes you eligible for software discounts and discounts on the advanced courses as well.

NEW! Charles Drummond’s “Areas” Seminar

This fifteen-hour seminar will be offered in October and November of 2013, and is the first seminar that Drummond has offered in well over ten years. This unique event is the unveiling of the latest and probably the final major link in his technical analysis work, namely the “Areas Theory.” This new enhancement of the Drummond technical tools answers the key question central to every trader’s experience: “Is this price area up or down? What is the current and future direction of the market?” TradeStation templates reduced-price software tools are part of the seminar. Participants will have the opportunity to interact directly with Drummond during extensive question-answer periods.

The DG Advanced Practical Trading Course

This ten-hour series of web-based seminars includes books, study materials, and practice exercises that will bring your trading to a new level. You will learn sophisticated multi-level DG analysis techniques, study a variety of DG trade plans, and develop your own DG research program. As you gain experience with the trading tools and the step-by-step mentoring your should see a big jump in your trading results.

The “30 Lessons”

This the Gold Standard for DG traders. For over a decade the Drummond Geometry 30 Lessons have been raising the bar for market professionals. A serious commitment for serious traders, the Lessons consist of several thousand screens and an estimated 200 hours of market analysis, the accumulated body of professional and personal market wisdom from one of the finest traders of the last century. Traders who have completed the Lessons call it a life-changing experience.