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Ted Hearne Associates, Inc.

DrummondGeometry.com is a service of Ted Hearne Associates, Inc., a trading, software, and consulting firm with expertise in financial markets, communications, and technology. We develop advanced trading software and educational programs for analysis and trading in the global debt, equity, and futures markets.

Ted Hearne, the president of the firm, is a trader and consultant with more than 20 years experience in the markets. He has been studying P&L methodology privately with Charles Drummond since the early 90s, and in addition to co-authoring the Drummond Geometry course, has written many articles about technical analysis.

Charles Drummond is a Canadian trader and market theorist. His highly original approach to the market grew out of his early trading failures which in turn prompted his resolve to develop market strategies not influenced by professional advisors. These original methods eventually led to his very substantial trading success. Drummond has been trading and writing about his market theories for more than 40 years.

Dennis Martell is a private trader, inventor and engineer living in Michigan and Arizona. He has been an active Drummond Geometry trader since 2000 and has been developing Drummond Geometry trading software and systems trading concepts since 2001.


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