DG2 New Concepts

New Concepts in Drummond Geometry

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DG2 “Relative Values”, New Database Additions, ? “Active” Switch

In recent years we have developed a host of new concepts that we are bringing to the trading community at this time. The include the Drummond Geometry Relative Values or “R-????”, the concept of “?????” placement of indicators, new market metrics derived from the “pipes” and other new indicators, and details about the DG2 database.

The implications of these developments are that the full range of Drummond Geometry classic and new concept values are now made available in digital form for plotting on historical charts, for use in RadarScreen or other scanning software, or for implementing trading systems with a full range of back-testing and statistical analysis in TradeStation or other platforms.

This page fleshes out the new concepts. Further documentation will be available with the DG2 developer’s API package.

Relative Values or “R-????”

Relative values chart the relationships between different DG values and structures, and contribute mightily to the unique flexibility and power of this methodology. These relationships can be enormously useful as they release market structure from the need to be expressed in price. The trader can now manipulate expressions of structure and visualize combinations of structural conditions that can be applied across timeframes and different markets.

Price can be thus expressed as a function of structure instead of structure being expressed as a function of price.