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All of these DG2 software packages have the ability to display walk-forward trading set ups. We believe this powerful new feature will become one of the most valuable aspects of the software. It is a uniquely powerful way to visualize the market, to train the mind, to test trading propositions, and to gain skill and confidence as a trader.


TradeStation does not permit walk-forward testing in its normal configuration. And even if it did, the problem for Drummond Geometry traders would remain. We need to see walk-forward information on multiple timeframes and in several charts at the same time, so that we can properly see and evaluate the all-important inter-relationships between timeframes. Our goal is thus to update an intraday chart (both time- and tick-based), one-bar at a time. And we want to update higher time period charts such as the daily, ??, monthly as well. Furthermore the indicators we use are sometimes based on complex code, and in our development work we can encounter overhead and processing issues that place constraints on what is possible. Thus this issue of walk-forward testing and training has in the past presented us with a bit of a dilemma.


We have worked out a solution to these issues and believe we have have created a very valuable tool. Walk-Forward charting has produced significant improvements in our ability to train our perceptions, test our hypotheses, and sharpen our trading rules. It is a huge confidence builder and can make a substantial difference in how one understands the relationships between timeframes and hence how one trades. Basically in developing this our approach has been to high-jack the TradeStation data stream and short-cut TradeStation’s native indicator calculations, but retain TradeStation’s excellent charting capabilities.

We detail the necessary setup steps in the documentation and configuration movie below. The steps are similar for all of the software packages, although the higher level software will permit more functionality than do the introductory tools.

The potential:

Time will tell if this tool will bring Drummond Geometry traders the kind of improvements that we predict. But consider: this tool properly applied can generate the equivalent of a decade’s trading experience in a few weeks. It can generate a substantial shift in that most critical element of trader psychology. And it can quickly reveal flaws in a trader’s understanding of multiple time period trading, and just as quickly reveal the improvements as a trader’s skill improves.