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Now you can set an alert for virtually any DG line or level, and specify any DG zone or area as well. You have perfect control and will know exactly when price nears a line, or exceeds it, or enters a zone, or leaves a zone. This makes monitoring the market much easier!

A new era in DG trading

Drummond Geometry may be the world’s strongest trading methodology. But monitoring the trade is critical and can be time-consuming. Now this monitoring is made vastly easier by employing our new DG2c_Zone_Alterts software.

Simply set your DG line or Zone in the inputs, set TradeStation’s built-in alert defaults, and you can let the computer tell you what is occurring, via audio alert, via visual alert, or via email or mobile phone text messaging!

Let your computer do the work!

By linking the full power of our Drummond Geometry database to this new Alerts software you have access to any of more than 4500 DG lines and levels in any of nine time-frames, so that you can construct an alert system that matches your trading style. This software is suitable for rapid-paced intraday trading as well as long-term swing or position trading covering weeks or months.

Scan hundreds of symbols at once in RadarScreen!

The software is compatible with TradeStation’s RadarScreen scanning tool and thus you will be able to monitor tens or hundreds of symbols for specific Drummond Geometry market conditions. Lift your trading game to the next level!

Take a look at the illustrative videos and documentation and order your copy today.

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Pre-requsites: ??: This software is available only to those traders who already have one of the following tools: DR2c_Pro, DG2c_Plot, DG2c_Pipes, and DG2c_Suite.