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Our new Drummond “In One Lesson” Quick-Start Course

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The Shortest and Surest way to Understand the Basic Concepts

Interested in Drummond Geometry? Want a complete, fast-paced overview? Our quick-start course will get you up and running in under three hours.

This course is intended for the trader who wants to understand the basics of Drummond Geometry. With this course under your belt you’ll be able to apply the trade concepts in your personal trading and witness for yourself the powerful DG support and resistance levels.

The “Short Course” contains all of the basic concepts of Drummond Geometry. We’ve made this basic course available so you can judge for yourself the power and efficacy of the methodology. You’ll quickly see how powerful these new support and resistance levels can be. The course covers all the essential concepts: the Pldot, the DG termination lines, the Drummond Envelope, the 1-6 zones, the Types of Trading, time period coordination, some basic trade plans, and more.

This course is not designed for “One-Time-Only” viewing. When you enroll in the course you will have permanent access to the material and can use it as a continuing reference for your trading decision support.

If you like what you see and want to go further then your investment in the short course will carry forward to any of our Drummond Geometry advanced seminars and trading courses. You can deduct the cost of this “Quick-Start” from either the intermediate course or the full set of the classic Drummond 30-Lesson gold standard professional trading course. Furthermore you will be eligible for discounts on DG software. Special prices apply for the “DG in One Lesson” students for the DG2c_Pro or DG2c_Pipes software.

Pre-requisites: none. A non-disclosure form is required.