General Information

Here is a list of general terms, conditions, requirements and procedures for Drummond Geometry products and services.

How to purchase, install, and use

Go the Drummond Geometry store and select the product or course that you desire, noting any pre-requisites as appropriate. Select your products, and proceed to checkout. Log in to your account or register for a new account if you have not already done so. Pay using the secure credit card payment form. You will receive a confirmation email when your order has been placed. We will notify you when your card has been processed. At that point you can log back into your account and download the product that you have purchased.

If you have enrolled in a course…

To access the on-line course, you will need to follow a secure log-in procedure. When you first register for the course, or if you are a returning P&L student who has already purchased the CD-based Lessons, and is now registering to receive access for the internet-delivered materials, you will first need to install a secure log-on application on your home machine. This application can be downloaded from the on-line store. Once you have downloaded the zip file, unpacked up, and placed it in a folder on your computer desktop, follow the instructions in the file and run the program. This DG secure login application will let you log into the website at any time you choose.

Our on-line trading course is licensed to you personally and cannot be used by other people but upon application and you warranting that the use of a second computer is for your own personal use we will provide you with two desktop applications so that you may view the course from two different computers (conventionally a laptop and a desktop machine).

When you have installed the secure desk-top log-in program, you will need to secure activation codes before you can use it. If you have a non-disclosure form already on file with us, then you can receive the activation code immediately after your order is processed. If you have not already submitted the required non-disclosure form, then you will need to download that, sign it, and fax it to the number on the form. When we have received the NDA, we can then generate you the necessary activation codes to run your software. If you are subscribing to an on-line course, then you need to install a desk-top log-in application, and receive the security codes that activate that program.

Once you have purchased access to the Lessons you have that access permanently, and your access to the Lessons will not expire. Your access to the full services of the DG website (such as the archived research, the Mog’s daily commentary, and future research, commentary, and other value-added activities, will continue for 18 months from the time of your purchase of the full course (and a shorter pro-rated time if you have not purchased the full course, at a ratio of 3 months for every five lessons). After the 18-month period then you may have continued access to these value-added areas for a fee a $350 per year.

If you have purchased software….

Each product will have installation instructions and an installation video posed on the website. Once you install your software in TradeStation, received the necessary codes from us and applied them, then you can use the software immediately and you will not need further authorizations in the future for that product. Trial period: If you are a new software customer and have not peviously purchased DG2 series software from us, then you may use the software for a period of ten days without securing an authorization code and may return that software for a full refund during that period. After ten days, you will need an authorization code to continue accessing the software and all sales are final after this ten-day trial period. If you have previously purchased a DG2 series software from us, then there is no trial period and all sales are final.

Trading Partners and Volume Discounts

As an trading education organization, we do our best to make our training accessible. If you subscribe to our course with one or several trading partners, we will offer a discount of 5 percent each to two traders enrolling at the same time, 7 percent each to three traders enrolling at the same time, and 10 percent to four traders enrolling at the same time.

We also offer a 10 percent reduction to students who are also enrolled full-time at a graduate or undergraduate program (acceptable documentation of this status is required).


We support our course and products through the website and through email, and when necessary through phone calls. Please use the new forum or email as your first line of support so that we can make the most efficient use of your time (and our time too).

Technical requirements

To access the on-line Lessons you need to have a computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, windows XP SP2, or Windows 2000 with SP3. The secure log-on application uses HTTPS protocol to access and thus no firewall bypass or proxy use is supported.

Your PC cannot be blocked from by a local firewall or by using a proxy to access the Internet through your browser.

What Internet speed is required?

Our training is best viewed using a broadband connection, such as DSL or cable modem. It is possible to view the streaming videos using a slower connection but the experience may not be optimal. If you are connecting to the Internet using a slower connection, you can still view our movies, but you may experience interrupted play.

Shipping and Delivery

Software and on-line educational products are delivered electronically and no shipping costs are incurred. We do not provide physical copies of software products and for convenience you should make a back-up copy and store it in a safe location. Replacement downloads can be made available for purchased products in event of catastrophe.

We process and ship all orders as quickly as possible. Orders placed Monday through Friday are typically shipped within 24 hrs. Orders placed online on Friday after 2:00 p.m. or on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on the following Monday. Our office is closed for major U.S. holidays. If our office is closed when an online order is placed, we will typically ship the order on the first day that our office re-opens.

We normally ship books and other physical materials via USPS express mail. There are other shipping options listed in the on-line store at the check-out stage.

Disclaimer Notice

Please read our risk disclaimer notice at the following link. Trading can be risky and we want you to be fully informed. You should, therefore, carefully consider whether stock, futures, options or FOREX trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition.
Risk Disclaimer.