What is the right DG2 Software for me?

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This is an all-new, all-fresh series of software and trading support tools for Drummond Geometry traders. Most are add-on tools for TradeStation charting software (compatible with any TS 8.1 through TS 9.1) We have the right package for any style of trading, from those just starting their market education all the way up to the seasoned professional with many years of experience. The DG2 software will met your needs for intraday trading, swing trading, or long-term investing.

Evaluate your software needs

Comparison chart of software features

If you are an experiencd DG trader…
..Chose DG2 Pro, and add DG2 Pipes, and DG2 Speciality Suite

If you are a programmer or systems …
…Chose DG2 API, or DG2 Set-Ups

Use the software features chart here to compare the features of our software, and consult the full product pages linked below for detail.

DG2 Pro IconDG2 Professional

For the trader who has completed at least the introductory DG “????”, or preferably the Drummond Geometry Professional Education course, our DG2 Professional software comes with the full range of classic DG lines, including the “???” ? “furtherout?”, ? 5/2 ??, ? 5/9 ??, a dot-refresh indicator, the main channel line, the 6/6’s, 6/7’s, the types of trading indicators including trend, ??????, ??????, ?????????, ????????????. Walk-forward testing is available as well.

DG2 Suite IconDG2 “???????????” ??????

? “???????????” contains all of the latest DG2 software developments. ??P?????????????????·????????????&L methodology in the daily “Mogs” ???????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????. ??????, check it out in the “??” ???. The DG2 Specialty Suite includes six indicators, now including the long-term Yearly and Quarterly indicators with full-overlay capabilities.

DG2 Pipes IconDG2 “???” ??????

DG2 “???” ??? “Eotem” DG??????????????????????? “????????????” of market condition and direction. Developed by Charles Drummond in the Summer and Fall of 2008, this is the latest DG2 innovation and promises high returns to the DG trader. Elements include: Red Bands, Cyan Pipes, Oncoming Predicted Pipes and their reference marks, Zones 1 ? 6, and the familiar Drummond Geometry Envelope.

DG2 Plot IconDG2 “????” ??????

This is a fully-featured and fully-flexible package for the professional trader. ??????????????????????? 235 DG lines in the dll database, from all timeframes. ???DG?????, ???????????????????DG????????: R-VPLS, RSP, HOW, WT, ??, ????, dot-push, dot-opening, 5/9 ??????????, ???????????, ??????????, ??? 1-6 ???????, ?????, ??, Mother Goose components, ?. Plot also includes also a separate program “Plot DI” that permits the fully accurate plotting of daily-on-intraday DG lines.

DG2 Alerts IconDG2 Zone Alerts software

Drummond Geometry may be the world’s strongest trading methodology. But monitoring the trade is critical and can be time-consuming. Now this monitoring is made vastly easier by employing our new DG2c_Zone_Alterts software. Simply set your DG line or Zone in the inputs, set TradeStation’s built-in alert defaults, and you can let the computer tell you what is occurring, via audio alert, via visual alert, or via email or mobile phone text messaging!

DG2 SetUp IconDG2 “Set-ups” ??????

?????????????????????????????, ??, multi-time period set-ups that identify high potential DG structural conditions.. ???, ??????????????????????????????????: “Show me when the monthly envelope top is located in the weekly nearby resistance zone, ???????????????????????????, ???????????????????????”

DG2 Walk-Forward Software Enhancement

All of the DG2 software packages have the ability to display walk-forward trading set ups. We believe this powerful new feature will become one of the most valuable aspects of the software. It is a uniquely powerful way to visualize the market, to train the mind, to test trading propositions, and to gain skill and confidence as a trader.

DG2 Day-on-Intraday software

???DG2??????????????????????????????????. ?????????????: ????, ??, ????????????????, and Pipes. Because the principles and techniques involved in setting up this new day-on-intraday charting accuracy are the same from package to package we have collected this set of information in a single place.

DG2 Develop IconDG2 Developer’s API software

???????????????????????????????????, we now offer support for your efforts through a specialized software API package. This software gives you great flexibility and perfect control, ???EL????????????????????. ????????????????DG2??????? 445 8??????????????????? — ?? 3500 total calls. ?????????????????????????????.

DG2 Wizard IconDG2 TickWizard software

??????? “TickWizard” tool is a nifty utility that can make many charting problems in TradeStation a lot easier. Tick??Wizard?????????????????????????????????????????DG2c???????????? (?????) ??????? (?????). ???????, ???, ?????, ??, ??, quarterly or yearly Drummond Geometry or Easy Language value from one chart and place it on a 2000 tick chart. Or a value from a 2000 tick chart or hourly chart and place it on a daily chart, all with full accuracy.

Software Support

We have started a support forum to better serve you. This forum should make it faster to find the answers you need. Please send us your support questions