DG2 “Development API ” ??

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Complete Programming Access to Full DG2 Database for the Experienced Programmer

We are pleased to introduce this new DG2 API. The purpose of this API is to give the experienced programmer access to the full Drummond Geometry DG2c Database of over 288 DG values in any of nine timeframes, and to make these 2600 values available for manipulation, plotting, strategy development, auto alert or auto trading programs or any other activity within the EasyLanguage programming universe. The full database may be examined by printing out the documentation below.

The use of the DG database is of course limited only by your imagination; we provide the canvas and the extended database of DG values and concepts; you provide the vision and the programming skill in developing your personal trading system and market analysis. However we stand ready to provide software or programming support if you need. If after your initial shake-down run through this programming tool you need a bit of further guidance, please feel free to contact the developers Dennis Martell and Ted Hearne. One hour of consultation is included in the purchase price.


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