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??????????DG????????? Looking for some software assistance that will identify set-ups for you so you can trade only the best and richest market situations? ???????DG2 “??????” software may be right for you.

Set-ups is a software the provides the Drummond Geometry trader with the exact preferred multiple time frame combination of conditions… from any timeframe, and for any type of trading specified. Since there are a large number of possible setups and these might vary widely from user to user due to different trading style and objectives, we are establishing a procedure for traders to get just the setup they like, and also to benefit from getting and using other set-ups created by the developers or by other traders.

The software includes a “writer” component which is not sold but is used by the developers, and the customer’s “setup software” component and “source files” that reside on the trader’s machine and interfaces with TradeStation charts, Scanner, and RadarScreen.

The procedure is this: we will “write” setups and test them against historical data and provide the customer with a source file that enables him or her to re-create this setup with ease on his machine.

Traders will have not just one but many such files with many possible setups relating to timeframe, types of trading, ?. Each can be applied to a single historical chart, or to a TS Scanner for filtering thousands of stocks, or to RadarScreen to watch a smaller number of symbols in real time. Each comes with an objectively derived statistical report of how well it performed historically

Because of the background work we have done over the last five years this process of building new setups and testing them can be accomplished very, very rapidly, and thus the turn-around for new setups (moving from a verbal description of the set-up to the source file ready for use and accompanied by a statistical report, is usually a matter of minutes or hours not days.

???????????????????? “??????” package in action are posted below.

????: Completion of Level Four of the Drummond Geometry course (???????? 30) OR by permission of the developers.