DG2 TickWizard

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A nifty little tool that will let you move data from one chart to another, and transfer any DG2 value or an EL value as well.

??????? “TickWizard” tool is a helpful utility that can make many charting problems in TradeStation a lot easier. Tick??Wizard?????????????????????????????????????????DG2c???????????? (?????) ??????? (?????). ???????, ???, ?????, ??, ??, quarterly or yearly Drummond Geometry or Easy Language value from one chart and place it on a 2000 tick chart, with full accuracy.

The program has two components: TickWizard Master ? TickWizard Slave

Set up and Configuration

As you might suspect, application is straight-forward. ? “Master ” component is placed on the chart that you want to have the data taken from, ? “Slave” is put on the chart that you want the data to be received on. The two charts do not have to be in the same workspace, however the two components must be linked by having the same number under the input “TickWizard_ID” . This input ties the Master to the Slave; you can have an unlimited number of slaves tied to one master and you may also have many master-slave partnerships operating on a single workspace as long as each partnership has its own “TickWizard_ID” number.

There are 26 inputs for DG2 values from the DG database. We have entered three as examples.

There are 16 inputs for an EL value. We have entered one as an example.

Note that the TickWizard Master and Slave do not have to be on the same symbol, the same time compression, or the same type of bar. Whatever value that you specify on the TickWizard Master will be carried over and applied to the TickWizard Slave, regardless of where and how that value originates. Thus Tickwizard can be used to convey intermarket data, fundamental data, spread data, any EL indicator value, or any DG2 database value, from one chart to another. Furthermore, assuming that the price scales are the same, the price of the transferred values will be carried over with 100% accuracy.

TickWizard is also enabled for the full capability of Walk-Forward testing and training, so that any line transferred from the Master chart to the Slave chart will move forward one-bar at a time in perfect concert with the Slave chart progression.

So as you can see, there is a lot of flexibility in transferring data from one chart to another, and thus the potential trading enhancements are limited only by the trader’s imagination and creativity in application.